The Next Monday Night War?

Very few companies can brag about the grasp they have on their industry quite like the WWE can. Since the mid 80s, WWE has been widely considered the most sought-after destination for people with a dream in professional wrestling. There has only been one time period in the history of wrestling where WWE could be considered 2nd best. That time period being the Monday Night War that happened between WWE and WCW in the mid-to-late 90s. For 84 weeks straight, WCW’s Monday Nitro beat WWE’s Monday Night Raw in the TV ratings. Something completely unheard of before WCW did it. No one dared to try and go head to head with WWE, but they did and for a good bit, it paid off. Over time however, WCW would feel their grip getting looser and looser as WWE fought their way back to the number one spot. Since the Monday Night War, WWE has had little to no competition for the title of “best wrestling company”. There really has not been anyone even get remotely close. However, the old saying goes “history will always repeat itself”, and that is exactly what All Elite Wrestling is trying to do with their promotion. Debuting in 2019, All Elite Wrestling became the first legit and easily attainable alternative for wrestling fans. As popular as the WWE is, the fanbase sometimes has a habit of getting fed up. Once the product starts to feel stale, the fans start to lose interest. All Elite Wrestling could see and hear what the fans were feeling and they wanted to do something about it. It talks about how this is the first real competition we have seen for WWE in over two decades. Sure there was TNA Impact Wrestling in the mid 2000s that if you ask some really hardcore fans out there, they would have considered that “competition”. Outside of that, there was nothing. This story talks about how the release of a legendary wrestler’s son ultimately leaded to the creation of AEW. How each company keeps retaliating against one another to try and keep up, and asks the question, “can AEW survive?”

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